Celeste and Brandon's extensions
Her Brother (Bryan) and his family. Wife (Mary), daughters (Ashely & Marissa), sons (Tony & Joey) bryan lance and family ken Her father (Ken)
Her Uncle (Steven), Aunt (Pam), her father (Ken), step-mom (Vickie), and Grandparents(Floyd & Nancy) kens family GP (Nancy & Floyd) celeste and grandparents
His father (BJ) and mother (Susan) bj and susan trent His brother (Trent)
His sister (Jenny) and her son (Landon) jenifer and son His sister (Jenny) and her husband (Mike) jenifer and mike
Brandon and his father (BJ) brandon and bj stone family The Stone family. Brother-in-law (Mike), sister (Jenny), brother (Trent) and his wife (Brandi), mother (Susan) and father (BJ) Celeste and Brandon
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